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08 JANUARY 2024

Masters' graduates from the Faculty FPSC of SumDU obtained their diplomas. The celebratory graduation ceremony took place in the mirror hall at the university on the fifth of January, bringing together graduates of all specialties from #the_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy.

This year, 25 graduates in the specialty «Philology» became holders of master's degrees, and 10 in the specialty «Journalism». Additionally, it was the first graduation of master's students in «Psychology» (11 graduates) and «Political Science» (7 graduates). Seventeen graduates of the faculty got honours degrees.

The order for the expulsion of former students was ceremoniously read by the dean of the faculty - Olena Sushkova. She pointed out that the year 2023 was strenuous, but despite all the challenges, we held the educational frontline, and as a result, we prevailed. The dean wished the graduates to find fulfillment in their profession, succeed in their future endeavors, reach new milestones, and experience happiness along their life paths.

«Don't lose touch with the friends that you have today, and don't forget your alma mater. Feel free to seek a piece of advice or simply come for a visit – we'll be waiting for you! » - highlighted Olena Sushkova.

The heads of the graduation departments extended greetings and wishes to the graduates, Volodymyr Sadivnychyi, Svitlana Baranova, and Andriana Kostenko, as well as the deputy head of the Journalism and Philology Department, Iryna Zhylenko, the guarantor of the master's program in «Organizational Psychology» Hanna Ulunova, vice dean for educational work Anna Zinchenko.

The Faculty FPSC of SumDU congratulates master's graduates on significant life achievements. May the knowledge and skills acquired at the university prove valuable in your professional endeavors. May the master's degree be another step in your career and personal growth!

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