We create all necessarz conditions of comfortable living and leisure for the students of our faculty.

Students usually live in hostels # 3, # 4, # 5 and everyone is provided with comfortable accommodation. In order to make for foreign students adaptation to Ukraine and to living in dormitories in particular easier, we have Psychological service and highly professional specialists. It is a fact that students from almost 70 countries from all over the world study at our University. So, our faculty promotes friendly attitude towards people of different nations and religions, respect for their traditions and customs.

The university takes care of healthy and balanced nutrition of students. Therefore, there is a Canteen on campus, where our students can enjoy a full-service hot meal with a wide range of dishes. In addition, every academic building has its own buffet and cafeteria for a light snack between classes.

At our faculty, we are convinced that pleasant pastime is important as well as living conditions. Students have numerous opportunities for self-realization in the cultural and artistic directions. Even the most creative designs and projects of our students are made possible thanks to the wide resource base of our campus.

The creative year of our student is full of various events. First of all, the annual inter-faculty creative competition "Golden Integral" among freshmen, which has long become a business card of our University; Mr. and Miss SumDU, Foreign Mr. SumDU. Special events of our faculty are also the annual "Social Oscar" (award among social workers), the competition of creative translation "AlterEGO". In addition, every week students are suggested creative parties, literary meetings, workshops, trainings, board games sessions.

For fans of artistic creativity there are clubs "Krayany (The Natives)" (revive local lore, traditional holidays of Ukrainians and other peoples of the world), Art studio "Academic" (visual self-realization of students, acquaintance with creativity of European and Ukrainian artists), singing studio, several dance bands.

At our faculty considerable attention is paid to the physical culture and sports. For lovers of outdoor activities, a wide range of sports clubs is suggested: from swimming to table tennis. In total, 40 sport clubs are operating on campus with 76 sports sections are operating. Not only do students of our faculty participate in tournaments and competitions from a university sports club, but they also win outside events. We are proud that our faculty has trained such Olympic-level stars as a boxer Taras Shelestyuk, biathletes Vita and Valentyna Semerenko, Yuliya Jima.

Sumy State University,
116, Kharkivska st., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine,

Main Building, Floor 7 (Room 712)

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Tel: +38 0542 335273

Web: http://ifsk.sumdu.edu.ua


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