The Faculty FPSC congratulates bachelors of psychology on graduation

20 July 2022
The Faculty FPSC of SumDU held online graduation of specialists who obtained a bachelor’s degree of higher education in specialty 053 “Psychology”. A total of 17 graduates were awarded diplomas. Among them was the diploma with honours received by Maria Karch.

Foreign Languages Department invites applicants for the new specialty "Secondary Education"

14 July 2022
A new specialty - "Secondary Education", the educational programme "English and German Languages and Literatures" has been opened at the Faculty FPSC in SumDU. The programme provides for the training of a qualified competitive specialist - a teacher of foreign languages and literature with an educational bachelor's degree.

Researchers of the Faculty FPSC have joined the European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher Education

10 July 2022
A group of researchers of SumDU, including representatives of the Faculty FPSC, received an official confirmation letter on membership in the European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher Education (EUPRIO).

Media Bachelors graduating in 2022 received their diplomas

07 July 2022
The solemn awarding of diplomas to bachelor graduates of the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU was held on July 6. This year, 50 graduates of full-time, part-time, distance and parallel forms of education received diplomas, 6 of them received diplomas with honors.

Social project of students of the Faculty FPSC has won the All-Ukrainian competition

07 July 2022
A team of students of the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Socio-Cultural Technologies of the Faculty FPSC SumDU won the DemVision (DemBachennia) – the All-Ukrainian presentation of student projects of civil action aimed at changes.

Strenthening cooperation with Polish universities

25 June 2022
Being in the Republic of Poland, Nataliia Balakirieva, deputy director of the Translation Training and Resource Center «LinguoStar», specialist at the Department of Germanic Philology of the faculty FPSC, SumDu, completed the course and received a certificate of A1 Polish language with an excellent result at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

The representative of the Faculty FPSC took part in the training course «Journalism in wartime conditions»

22 June 2022
During May-June, Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU,  Tetiana Kovalova took part in a training course for lecturers of faculties and departments of journalism of Ukrainian universities «Journalism in wartime conditions».

Representatives of the Faculty FPSC told about the peculiarities of entering the Master's degree in 2022

10 June 2022
The Faculty FPSC  of SumDU organized a series of career guidance online events for Master's degree entrants. Bachelor's graduates 2021-2022, graduates of previous years (of any specialty and any level of education), as well as all those wishing to obtain a Master's degree in the specialties of the Faculty were invited to participate in the events.

Faculty FPSC invites you to the photo exhibition " War by Student's Lens"

09 June 2022
On June 8, Sumy State University Congress Centre hosted the opening of the photo exhibition "War by Student's Lens". The organizers of the event: Sumy Regional Organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Sumy State University, Media Centre and Faculty FPSC of SumDU.

Future media professionals break myths about journalism

05 June 2022
Media workers in Ukraine traditionally celebrate their professional holiday on June 6. The Faculty FPSC of SumDU also celebrates the Journalists Day in Ukraine, as future specialists in journalism are graduating here. On the occasion of the holiday the young sharks of the feather decided to tell what professional discoveries they have already made and what myths about journalism have been exposed in the process of training.

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