04 April 2020
Students-translators of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU http://gf.sumdu.edu.ua/en/bachelor-s-degree.html have won the IV International translation students competition "Translation as a means of ethno-lingual images of the world actualization" at the Institute of Foreign Philology of the National Pedagogical Drahomanov University.
24 March 2020
Another victory was the new work of the team of video bloggers «Backstage of Life» of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU. The video to the poem "Ice circles ringing in the buckets" has won the first place in the All-Ukrainian contest "Kostenkiana-2020".
23 March 2020
Students of specialty Philology of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU became participants of XVII Eastern Winter School and got a chance to visit Poland. The educational process started on February 28 at the University of Warsaw.
21 March 2020
The Хth All-Ukrainian students’ scientific conference «Translation Innovations» http://gf.sumdu.edu.ua/images/naukova-diyalnist/11111.pdf, scheduled on March 20th-21st, 2020 by the Department of Germanic Philology http://gf.sumdu.edu.ua/en/ at the Faculty FPSC of Sumy State University, was held distantly.
16 March 2020
Lecturers and post-graduates of the Department of Journalism and Philology at the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications of SumDU have met with the head of the Expert Council of Employers, the representative of the he National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine in Sumy region Larysa Yakubenko.
15 March 2020
The meeting with the team of experts of the grant project "DESTIN - Journalistic education for democracy in Ukraine: development of standards, integrity, and professionalism" took place at the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU.
15 March 2020
Students of the Faculty  FPSC of  SumDU took part in a training game devoted to conflict situations in political communication. The event was held on March 11 at Sumy State University.
14 March 2020
The annual poetry and literary translation competition Alter Ego was held by the Department of Germanic Philology of SumDU for the ninth time.  The winners of Alter Ego competition were awarded in 4 nominations, namely: poems in Ukrainian, literary translations from English and German, poems in English or German. This year more than 140 works by authors, students and pupils from all over Ukraine from Prykarpattia to Slobozhanshchyna have been sent to the competition.
11 March 2020
Hanna Yevhenivna Ulunova, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Socio-Cultural Technologies of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU on the successful defense of Doctor in Psychology thesis in the specialty 19.00.07 – Pedagogical and Developmental Psychology.
11 March 2020
Twenty years ago, namely on March 15th, 2000, in Sumy State University emerged the Faculty that has united several humanitarian departments. That is how the story began, giving us #the_best_faculty_in_the_ galaxy.

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