“Bring the world of media closer to pupils, and bring the pupils closer to the universe”

06 May 2022
On May 3, the festival of school media and young journalists of Sumy region "Media World Leads to the Universe" started. The festival is organized by the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU. The partners of the event: Department of Education and Science of Sumy Regional State Administration, the NGO “Sumy Press Club” and Sumy Regional Organization of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

A student of the Faculty FPSC won the competition of young translators

06 May 2022
Oleksandra Pavliv, a Philology student at the Faculty FPSC, SumDU, took the first place in the XIII Interuniversity Competition for Young Translators. The English Philology and Translation Department of the Faculty of Linguistics and Social Communications of the National Aviation University organized the competition.

Psychology of war: journalists of the Faculty FPSC learned to work with sensitive topics

27 April 2022
Representatives of the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU, took part in the webinar course “Psychology of War. How journalists should deal with sensitive topics.” The Media Development Foundation in partnership with the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Mental Health for Ukraine” organized the event.

Welcome to the Festival of School Media and Young Journalists of Sumy Region “Media World Leads to the Universe”!

03 February 2022
February comes, and so does the festival, supposed to bring the media world closer to pupils of our region. To become its participant, you just need to apply for it and take part in one or another festival activity. Hurry up: the applications’ deadline is 15th February!

Faculty FPSC Invites to the International Language TOEFL Exam Training

01 February 2022
SumDU TOEFL testing centre, functioning within Translation Training and Resource Centre “LinguoStar” of the Department of Germanic Philology, Facultu FPSC has received a certificate that grants holding the international language TOEFL exam and training the applicants in 2022.  

Students of the Faculty FPSC learned how to overcome crisis situations

30 January 2022
Journalism students of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU joined the first simulation training a part of the Estonian-Ukrainian programme "Resilient Ukraine". The event was held on 25 January at the University Congress Center. 

The last exam is passed! The Master students were awarded diplomas

30 January 2022
Graduation ceremonies of Master’s graduates were held at the Faculty FPSC, SumDU. This year there are 9 graduates of the specialty “Journalism” and 25 ones of the specialty “Philology”.

Tourist Cycling Route Developed by a Student of the Faculty FPSC

29 January 2022
While working on qualification works and projects, students of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU, actively apply STEAM education tools for comprehensive research and solving current problems.

Constant Responsibility and Executive Discipline. It is about the Faculty FPSC

23 January 2022
A new tradition is being born at the Faculty FPSC of SumDU: the meeting of the staff for the dean's report on the work of the structural unit for the past year takes place on the last day of Christmas and New Year cycle, namely January 21.

Korneli Shenheliia: "Most of us have no idea how much Georgian and Ukrainian cultures have in common"

16 January 2022
In far back 2012, a first-year student Yurii Teniieshvili appeared at the faculty FPSC of SumDU. He was the first who came to Sumy from Georgia to study as s student under the exchange programme.

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