Students consider the Faculty FPSC to be #the_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy. And they have valid reasons to think so.

Firstly, foundation of the Faculty became a significant step in formation of Sumy State University as a classical one. The Faculty FPSC was founded on March 15, 2000. And nowadays it is one the most prestigious faculties of SumDU.

Secondly, the Faculty FPSC is the potent humanities constituent of the university – it provides education in such specialties: “Management of Social and Cultural Activity”, “Germanic Languages and Literature (Translation included)”, “Journalism” (+Degree Programme: “Advertising and PR”), “Psychology”, “Social Work”. Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degree programmes are available.

Thirdly, just look at the students of the Faculty! They are personalities who want to feel free in this world, who have no language barriers. They are able to arrange any events in social and private life. They are people who tend to be at ease in information space, social and political processes, to be aware and to apply peculiarities of Psychology and to use this knowledge helping people. They are personalities not indifferent to the surrounding environment and ready to give a hand of help easily. They translate from foreign languages easily, work at diplomatic agencies, write texts skillfully, carry out psychological tests perfectly, but they use a calculator to count 15 + 15 in order not to make a mistake. Our students dream, want and act, aiming to improve this world, to make it kinder and fairer.

Fourthly, the Faculty possesses potent material and technical basis, which you can find not at every university even of our capital or not at every technical or IT faculty. Thus, great attention is devoted to practical part while educating future professionals: just after the entering students practice in modern computer classrooms, language laboratories, radio and TV studios. From the very first year of studying they work in local and All-Ukrainian media, at leading enterprises of Sumy region and Ukraine, take part in arranging different events of regional and state significance.

Fifthly, highly qualified academic teaching staff as well as professional practitioners in all spheres of studying provide educational process.  Well-known journalists, translators, sociologists, psychologists, PR experts, representatives of show business, perform workshops and coaching. The Faculty consists of 5 departments (2 of which are general and 3 are graduating) and 10 centers.

The ultimate thing is this. Life proves that besides knowledge and skills necessary for fulfilling professional tasks, a significant value has the level of general erudition, human individuality and uniqueness. One of the topmost missions of the Faculty is to help students in their self-development, to teach them to notice opportunities where others see only difficulties, to help them be free, democratic and principled.

Chose the Faculty FPSC! Choose the occupation! Choose the future!

Sumy State University,
116, Kharkivska st., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine,

Main Building, Floor 7 (Room 712)

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +38 0542 335273



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