Olena Sushkova

Dean, PhD in Philology,
Associate Professor

Olena Medvid

Vice Dean for Education, PhD in Philology,
Associate Professor

Svitlana Baranova

Vice Dean for Teaching Methodology,
PhD in Philology, Associate Professor

Maryna Nabok

Vice Dean for Research, PhD in Philology, 
Associate Professor

Alla Krasulia

Vice Dean for International Relations,
PhD in Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer 

Antonina Prokopenko

Vice Dean for Admission Support, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor

Denys Koniev

Vice Dean for Informational Support and Promotion, Lecturer 

Olena Nazarenko

Vice Dean for Extramural Studies and Distance Learning, Lecturer

Andrii Lebid

Vice Dean for Career Development,
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Andrii Ye. Lebid

Anna Zinchenko

Vice Dean for Extracurricular Activities and Accommodation Support,
Assistant Lecturer

Artem Burla

Vice Dean for Sports Activity, PhD in Physical Education and Sports, Senior Lecturer

Oleksandr Naumenko –

Vice Dean for Military Education, Lecturer


Dean’s office staff:

Svitlana Kyshchyk –

Senior Department Assistant

Nataliia Martynenko –

Senior Department Assistant

Olha Kobzar –

Department Assistant of 1st category

Liliia Diahovchenko –

Department Assistant

Inna Korzhova –

Department Assistant

Svitlana Vakal –

Department Assistant of 1st category


Sumy State University, 2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st.
Main Building, Floor 7 (Room 712)

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +38 0542 335273

Web: http://ifsk.sumdu.edu.ua


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