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29 DECEMBER 2019

Excitement, smiles, sincere congratulations and words of gratitude, festive clothes and tears, that cannot be hidden.  On January 27th the Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications of SumDU held Masters’ graduation ceremony of "Philology" and "Journalism". 

Academic staff, graduates, parents and friends got together specially for the commencement ceremony.

The Dean of the Faculty, Associate Professor Olena Sushkova read off the order of giving Master's degree in Philology (specialty "Germanic Languages and Literature (Translation included)"), and Journalism (Degree Programmes “Journalism” and “Advertising and Public Relations”) and expelling the graduates.

- Life will carry lots of various challenges and situations, but you should always remember that everything has own a proper solution, - said Olena Sushkova in her congratulatory speech.

Students,  who  had  properly  represented  the  university  on  different  subject  olympiads, competitions  and  contests,  were  awarded  with  certificates  by  Olena  Medvid,  Associate Professor, PhD in Philological Sciences, Vice Dean for Education.

- Nowadays,  in  technocratic  century  it's  difficult  to  represent  Arts and Humanities, but this sphere  has  its own  significance  and  priority.  In fact, there are plenty of possibilities to personify oneself successfully by vocation, - said Olena Medvid.

Students’ Dean, Anastasiia Kobelieva awarded the Masters with diplomas for active participation in public life of the Faculty and high sport achievements. 

- I want to thank students for their role in the Faculty development. Someone was active in research life, someone in public and sport activities.  Thanks  to  the students the Faculty  of  Foreign  Philology  and  Social  Communications  becomes #the_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy each and every year. 

Graduates in "Philology" Anastasiia Yehorova, Anastasiia Krymova, Polina Tatsenko, Kristina Pletenko and Anastasiia Trofymenko recieved diplomas with distinction.

-I can't believe, that all years of studying can fly past so swiftly. Lots of subjects were studied, tests and exams were passed, and all that was done to become a skilful specialist. I look forward to try myself at work, - said honours student Anastasiia Trofymenko.

Anastasiia’s mother Nataliia said, it is difficult to believe, that her daughter is already a grown-up. 

- She seems to have finished school recently, and now she has already had two degrees. She is our pride. And it's really pleasant, that my daughter's knowledge was esteemed and increased at the university.

Master in "Journalism", Aliona Shara said, that studying was not so difficult, when it was desirable. 

- Professors teach, understand and accept in everything, - she shared her own impressions from studying.

- There is harmony, trust and mutual understanding. And I am thankful for it. Today’s graduates joined #the_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy five and a half years ago being entirely young. And now specialists with diplomas make a new step to adult life. But each of them can continue studying at the university as a postgraduate student. The Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications invites everyone, who has aptitude and wish to be engaged in research work. 

Kateryna Shestak, student of the group ZhT-61 

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