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26 DECEMBER 2019

Undergraduate students of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU successfully defended their diploma papers. 45 graduates of the specialty "Philology" and 35 of the specialty "Journalism" have received Master’s degree in 2019.  

December is the end of the year, summarizing and preparing for something new, and moreover for undergraduates - the last month of university studying. Diligent preparation, thrill and, as a result,  Master's degree that opens the way to the "adult" professional life.

- Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is extremely important in modern society, - said the head of the Department of Germanic Philology, Iryna Kobyakova. – The works of undergraduates are interesting and relevant. They all meet the requirements of employers. Six Masters are recommended for admission to postgraduate study. Some graduates have ORCID (code that identifies the author) and are published abroad.

- The works were distinguished for diligence and novelty, - said the chairperson of the examination commission for the diploma defence of journalists and advertisement makers Nataliia Rostorguieva. - The students carried through copious independent work and became acquainted with the scientific-theoretical literature. The information products presented are highly appreciated. The advantage for graduates is that most of them are already employed, and their presentations have become a good addition, because it is not just creative work, but a product that has found its reader and listener.

In addition to the common defense in the lecture rooms, the Department of Germanic Philology provided an online diploma defence. Undergraduate Oleksandra Bila, who is currently studying under the academic mobility program at the University of Otto-Friedrich in Bamberg (Germany), successfully defended her diploma online.

The diploma will be presented to the masters of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU on December 27th.

Karyna Panikar, student of the group ZhT-81

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