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06 DECEMBER 2023

On the 25th of November,  the Faculty FPSC SumDU hosted a guest online lecture by Professor Craig Kapp from New York University. Professor Craig Kapp is a recognised expert in the field of augmented reality and education.

The event was organised by the Faculty FPSC SumDU. The lecture was held as part of the "Virtual Teacher" programme with the support of the US State Department and is part of an Academic Mobility Course for teachers of the Department of Foreign Languages and Linguodidactics and Germanic Philology. In addition to representatives of SumDU, the lecture also attracted guests from other Ukrainian higher education institutions.

Professor Kapp not only teaches, but also leads the ZooBurst LLC project, which is dedicated to augmented reality and 3D pop-up technology. So, during the event, the participants had the opportunity to learn about advanced technologies and see how they can be implemented in the educational process.

The Faculty FPSC SumDU thanks everyone who joined the event!

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