Students from China study journalism at the Faculty FPSC

04 February 2024
Students from the People's Republic of China are completing their first semester of Master's studies at the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU.

Researchers of the Faculty FPSC took part in the international forum of political researchers

27 January 2024
Researchers of the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Socio-Cultural Technologies of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU took part in the First International Forum of Political Researchers in Ukraine, which took place on January 25-27 in Lviv.

Representatives of the Faculty FPSC are among the organisers of training for psychologists and social workers

24 January 2024
The Department of Psychology, Political Science, and Socio-Cultural Technologies of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU, in cooperation with the executive partner of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the Centre for Public Initiatives "Intellect of Sumy Region," organised training for psychologists and specialists from social institutions.

Summary of the FPSC Faculty's Work in 2023

21 January 2024
On January 18, a faculty meeting was held at the FPSC, SumDU, during which the dean, Olena Sushkova, reported on the department's work in the year 2023.

Students of the Faculty FPSC visited the animal shelter

20 January 2024
On January 17, students of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU, visited the NGO «Sumy Society for the Protection of Animals» and helped to walk the dogs living in the shelter.

Prospective students unraveled the mystery of choosing their future specialty with the Faculty FPSC

14 January 2024
On January 12, eleventh-grade students of Sumy Specialized School №17 visited #the_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy. During the visit, students immersed themselves in the magical atmosphere of the thematic quest room, "Prospective Student and the Mystery of the Faithful Program of Stellar Ciphers." 

Graduation of Master's Students of the Faculty FPSC

08 January 2024
Masters' graduates from the Faculty FPSC of SumDU obtained their diplomas. The celebratory graduation ceremony took place in the mirror hall at the university on the fifth of January, bringing together graduates of all specialties from #the_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy.

Students of the Faculty FPSC learned fact-checking

20 December 2023
On 13-15 December, first-year journalists from the Faculty FPSC, SumDU,  visited the capital to take part in a three-day Fact Checkers School organised by the Institute for Regional Press Development. The girls told about their new knowledge, their own projects and the highlights of their studies.


12 December 2023
Volodymyr Oleksiiovych SADIVNYCHYI, Head of the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC SumDU, on his election as an academician of the Academy of Sciences of Higher Education of Ukraine in the Department of Philology, Art History and Mass Communication.

Students of the Faculty FPSC visited the forum "Liberty future for Ukraine"

08 December 2023
The youth organisation 'Ukrainian Students for Freedom' held a two-day forum called 'Liberty future for Ukraine'. Students of the Faculty FPSC SumDU also took part in the event.

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