Degree Programme: Management of Social and Cultural Activity

  • Bachelor’s Degree education;
  • aims of the specialty – educating specialists able to implement their own project-oriented (including entrepreneurial) initiatives in the cultural field;
  • mastering technologies of show-business establishing, art, museum, sport, library projects management;
  • profilisation: sport as show-business, entrepreneurship and management in the field of culture and art, internet-support of show-business events, the latest information and telecommunication technologies in museum sphere, rebranding of libraries as multifunctional regional cultural centers;
  • interdisciplinary education of young people focused on innovative technologies in spheres of culture and tourism, computer sciences, marketing, IT-technologies;
  • broadened opportunities of student oriented education implemented via organizing students’ project self-studying;
  • potent material and technical basis for practice: concert halls, the recording studio, rehearsal hall with barres for choreography, TV and radio studios, art galleries;
  • job placement as director, producers, travel agencies managers, managers of social and cultural projects.

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