• studying is by educational degrees: «Bachelor», «Master», «Doctor of Philosophy»;
  • forms of education: full-time, extramural, distance, and parallel learning;
  • postgraduate studies in the speciality 061 «Journalism»;

collect, select, check facts, weed out fakes and choose the truth, create text, take photos and videos, work with a microphone and on camera, use modern technical means and technological tools of communication, act according to professional standards and ethics of journalists, positively influence sales and image formation.

  • Wherever there is information, our graduates are needed.

a journalist, web editor, editor, correspondent, TV and radio presenter, photojournalist, press secretary and speechwriter, international journalist, media manager, etc;
advertising manager, designer, copywriter, SMM specialist, press secretary, public relations and press specialist, speechwriter, etc. 

  • ALL those passionate about their profession and want to be in it are employed.


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