Post Date:
12 APRIL 2023

Students of the speciality «Management of Social and Cultural Activity» of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU, arranged a series of meetings with the entrants of «Sunday Camp». The goal of the meetings is to get introduced to different cultures, as well as develop international tolerance among pupils and college students.

The events were held according to the «equal-to-equal» principle. During three meetings, 25 pupils from schools, lyceums, and college students became camp participants. 

Each meeting featured an exciting and intense programme: quests, forum theatre, presentations, crafting of art books and time capsules, quizzes, and contests.

The organizers received a lot of positive feedback about the camp, says Amina Bolotaieva, the student in charge of the «Sunday Camp» project team. The participants were pleased by the events, organized in terms of the meetings, and grateful for new valuable information, stating that they had thought about many things for the first time.

– It is essential for young people to participate in such events and learn to be tolerant. Our society is constantly developing, and every person has a right to be respected. The most important part is to understand that changing the world starts with yourself, which means treating others the way you want to be treated, - Amina states. 

As for the future, managers of Social and Cultural Activity of the Faculty FPSC, SumDU, already have serious plans – attracting more participants and, particularly, a more adult audience.

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