Students, postgraduate students, lecturers and staff of the faculty FPSC of SumDU actively support the tradition of writing All-Ukrainian radio dictation of national unity.

 Every year, All-Ukrainian radio dictation unites hundreds of thousands of people from Ukraine and from abroad. But on November 9, 2020, the event came out to be really unique and extremely significant for all Ukrainians, because under the conditions of quarantine restrictions we all are to keep social distance.

The text of the dictation belongs to the writer and publisher Ivan Malkovych, and was read by a famous actress Rymma Ziubina. The title was "Challenges of the book era." The author wrote about the possible displacement of paper books by e-books, noting that the era of e-books - it's not scary, because "… the main thing is just to read! And data storage device doesn't matter, because books are the knowledge and the emotions that, unlike the daily information flow, remain with us for a long time."

 Representatives of the faculty FPSC are always involved in radio dictation writing. As far as this time the quarantine did not allow us to gather at the university, students wrote dictation in online groups, along with their curators. Post graduate students, lecturers and staff combined in groups using online technology, or wrote independently. Among those who joined the event, we see both experienced participants, and debutants.

- Participation in the "national flash mob", - indicated the senior lecturer of the department of Germanic philology Vladyslava Kulish - in my opinion, is a great opportunity not only to test your literacy but also to demonstrate that we, Ukrainians, are proud of our language. In terms of quarantine and distance learning when most of the training and cognitive material is mastered independently, it is very important not to lose a sense of unity and belonging to a common matter. And it's great that such a common matter, that united all Ukrainians, was radio dictation writing.

Opinions about the traditional participation in the event were shared by the postgraduate student at the Department of Psychology, Political Science, and Socio-Cultural Technologies Ivan Bondarenko:

- For me, the All-Ukrainian radio dictation of national unity is not just an opportunity to test your knowledge of the native language. It is good and useful national tradition that allows you to join a large-scale flash mob even without leaving home, to feel part of something great. It is unity, which we have lacked lately.

For a freshman majoring in "Journalism" Mariia Rashevska a radio dictation writing became a new experience. The girl does not hide her emotions:

- I wrote a dictation of national unity for the first time and I am very happy that it happened at my first year of studying. I was very worried, I couldn't even explain myself why. At the same time, I am absolutely sure that I have coped well. I am looking forward to the results.

Participants will be able to check their own results on November 11 at about 11:00 a. m. the text of the dictation will be published on the website UA: Ukrainian Radio.

#best_faculty_in_the_galaxy supports the national tradition of celebrating the Day of Ukrainian Literature and Language and there is no doubt that our students, postgraduate students, staff and lecturers have succeeded with the task.

Kateryna Shestak, student of the group ZhT.m-01

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