The new academic year for the faculty FPSC of SumDU has begun with a number of significant events, which can literally be called golden in educational unit activity.

The first, most important and outstanding achievement is our freshmen. The respectful family of the faculty FPSC of SumDU, which is the best in the galaxy, was joined by almost 170 talented, creative, active and sincere in their brightness students. Having passed all the crucibles of the admission campaign, THEY, determining the profession and the future, HAVE CHOSEN FPSC. Considerably more students joined all educational programs of the faculty than last year. In particular, 19 boys and 108 girls are enrolled to six educational programs of bachelor’s degree, so FPSC continues to proudly hold the title of "women's" faculty. It turned out to be nice to have a closer acquaintance with them.

The lecturers, who have already finished the training module with the freshmen, emphasize that the first-year students are very different, so they are quite interesting to work with.

– Also, – noted Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology, Political Science and Socio-Cultural Technologies (PPST) Olena Kupenko, – most of them are motivated and responsible. They always impress you, discovering their talents and skills.

– My new students are amazing! They have all the best character traits. They always do their homework in a creative way. I am sure they have a great future, – a senior lecturer at the Department of Germanic Philology Vladyslava Kulish shared her impressions.        

Autumn also brought significant addition to the scientific and pedagogical environment. Thus, graduates of postgraduate of the Department of Journalism and Philology of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU received diplomas of PhD in Social Communications in the specialty 27.00.01 - Theory and History of Social Communications. This fact was recorded by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1188 on 24.09.2020. Stanislava Zaitseva and Oleksii Fomytsia became certified scientists.

It should be noted that the research of Stanislava Zaitseva “Sociocommunicative Aspects of Scientific News and Innovation Coverage in the Internet Media of Ukraine” developed a comprehensive mechanism of analysis of the social and communication features of publications on scientific news and innovations in the Internet media (agenda, method of its disclosure, feedback to the audience), etc.

Oleksii Fomytsia devoted his dissertation "Psychoacoustic influence on the mass consciousness in the socio-communicative system of society" to substantiate the use of attributive features of sound in the system of manipulative and propagandistic methods of influencing the mass consciousness.

It is nice to mention the autumn defenses of dissertations.

Thus, on September 25, the faculty congratulated Andriana Kostenko, Associate Professor of  PPST, with successful defense of the dissertation and acquiring the scientific degree of Doctor of Political Science in the specialty 23.00.02 - Political Institutes and Processes. The research topic is "The role of civil society institutions in the context of Ukraine's European integration processes".

A few days later, on September 30, Iryna Ushchapovska, a senior lecturer at the Department of Germanic Philology, was congratulated on successful defense of the dissertation and acquiring the scientific degree of PhD in Philology. The topic is “Structural and Semantic, Socio-Lingual and Pragmatic Parameters of the Brand Language: Multimodal Approach (Case Study: English-language coffee brands)”, specialty – 10.02.04. – Germanic languages.

It is a pleasure to note the fact that the journal "Obraz", published by the Department of Journalism and Philology, according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1188 on 24.09.2020 entered in the Register of scientific professional publications of Ukraine category «B». Science – social communications, specialty – 61 Journalism. In the scientific articles of the journal the issues, which cover all the areas of social communication are investigated: history, theory, methodology of journalism, publishing, advertising and public relations. Now, two professional journals of category «B» are related to the faculty FPSC: "Obraz" and "Philological treatises".

And the real highlight of the autumn achievements of the faculty FPSC of SumDU was the recommendation to implement the project presented by our scientists at the expense of the grant support of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine. Therefore, during 2020-2021, the departments of the faculty will conduct a topical and modern research "Specialized system of medical informing and personal security in the event of pandemics, crises, other social upheavals: the formation of an effective socio-communication model". The group of project developers and now implementers includes: Andriana Kostenko – the Department of PPST, Yaroslav Yanenko – the Department of Journalism and Philology, Galyna Chulanova – the Department of Germanic Philology, Yurii Vasyliev – the Department of Social Medicine of the Medical Institute. The project leader is Volodymyr Sadivnychyi, Doctor of Social Communications, Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism and Philology.

On request to briefly describe the planned research studies, Volodymyr Sadivnychyi noted:

– In the process of working, it is planned to determine the influencing factors of the pandemic on the state of the national information space; to identify the features of the spread of fakes; to consider medical scientific and practical activities in terms of informing the public about the course of pandemics; to develop a system of mechanisms and indicators of intensity of specialized communication as a segment of information space, etc. We will inform the public about the results and outcomes of the work.

Commenting on the situation of this year in the educational process, Vice Dean Alla Krasulia pointed out:

– During this year, students are mastering new forms and means of studying disciplines through the introduction of distance learning in the face of quarantine. In spite of a number of obstacles caused by objective conditions, students are highly motivated for learning, they impress with their creativity and desire for knowledge. I am absolutely convinced that further cooperation with lecturers of all departments of the faculty FPSC will lay the foundation for the development of professional qualities of the future specialists.

#The_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy works for the future. For the future of students both present and coming.

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