It is the fifth year in a row that October 14th the Defender of Ukraine Day is celebrated along with other significant events. This day was not chosen by chance - there is a historical Cossack tradition of honoring Ukrainian troops on the Feast of the feast of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. Besides, this day is officially considered the date of Ukrainian Insurgent Army foundation.

 #the_best_faculty_in_the_galaxy does not stay aside, especially since for some of our students it is a professional holiday.

Anastasiia Khlan (Kobzar), a graduate of the “Journalism” specialty, a serviceman of the Navy of Ukraine, told about her way to the Military Forces of Ukraine.

One of the main reasons that pushed the girl to go to military was the events of March 2014, which led to the Crimea's annexing. Before that, Anastasiia did not even think about changing her job.

The position that our alumna took in the army is related to information. The basics laid down at the Faculty FPSC of SumDU helped her to master the new occupation. She also says that in the Military Forces, women are on the same positions as men.

Yevhenii Lehkobyt, Master of Philology, came to the Faculty FPSC after his military service. He had a good base in military affairs and knew what it meant to be in the military from childhood.

At first, Yevhenii served in the shooting company of defendants’ convoy. Then Maidan began, and his military unit was involved in those events. At the end of the service, the Crimea was occupied...

Despite all the difficulties, he does not regret that he joined the army:

- I am grateful to those with whom we have overcome all the difficulties side by side.

Anastasiia Kapustina, a student of "Philology" specialty, decided to follow her father's footsteps and continue the military dynasty. While studying at the university, the girl entered the military department. She continues planning to follow the path of military, namely military interpreter.

On October 14th the student congratulates all on the Defender of Ukraine Day:

- First of all, I wish all the defenders strength, good health and endurance. And the main thing - let all those who protect our peace return home alive.

Diana Zubar, a "Journalism" specialty student, also spoke about her decision to join the Department of Military Training at Sumy State University:

- When the military department representatives came to us with an announcement about the recruitment of students, I already knew exactly that I wanted to be there.

The student considers studying in the military department as an addition to the main occupation. Further, she wants to work as a war correspondent or in the press service of the authorities.

Mykhailo Vorfolomeiev, a student of "Philology" specialty, shared his attitude to the importance of military training. He admits that his interest in military subjects dates back to his childhood. That is why he entered the Department of Military Training of SumDU.

- We live in a very challenging time, so the knowledge and skills of military affairs, as it seems to me, is an important issue for every man.

On the occasion of the holiday Mykhailo congratulates all those who protect our country in the East, and wishes peace, goodness and smiles in every home.

The faculty FPSC joins the congratulations. May the light of hope never fade away in our hearts, and the country always has a peaceful sky!

Anastasiia Diedova, a student of the group ZhT-81

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