Foreign Languages Department has a self-supporting LEMC. Specialists provide additional educational services to students with different levels of foreign language proficiency. The center organizes and conducts English, German, and French language courses at various levels.



  • We provide additional educational services to customers - city enterprises. In particular, business speech training for the Regional Migration Service employees and technical English courses for professional communication for various city enterprises.

  • Lecturers of foreign language courses (English, German, French) train students for participation in the "Work and Travel" programme and those who plan to participate in international programmes of student academic exchange.

  • The Mechanical Engineering College of Sumy lecturers passed a methodical internship at the Linguistic Center of Sumy State University.



  • The Linguistic Center invites all adult listeners who want to master academic communication skills in English (EAP - English for Academic Purposes).

  • Short-term courses - 8 hours and 16 hours (at the student's choice) allow students to prepare for their defence of diplomas in English. 

  • Preparation courses for admission to the Master's degree - 24-, 32-, and 16-hour courses on the intensive study of grammatical aspects included in the entrance exams to the Master's degree.

  • The youngest students aged from 4 to 10-11 years old now have the opportunity to start or continue studying Exciting English in groups of different ages in 24-hour courses by modern teaching methods for the youngest audience using the newest Oxford University Press textbooks.


You are welcome to contact:

Sumy State University, 2, Rymskogo-Korsakova st. 

Main Building, Floor 12 (Room 1211)

Tel: (0542) 687 787

Language Center

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Main Building, Floor 7 (Room 712)

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