Students of the Faculty FPSC are the best connoisseurs of contemporary Ukrainian culture

11 November 2020
A team of students from the faculty FPSC of SumDU celebrated the Day of the Cultural Worker by winning an online quiz dedicated to modern show business.


11 November 2020
We congratulate Oksana Illivna NEFEDCHENKO, lecturer of the Foreign Languages Department of Faculty FPSC, SumDU on a successful defense of the thesis and acquiring the degree of  Doctor of Philosophy (specialty 011 - Pedagogical Sciences).

Knowledge and emotions, or A radio dictation writing

10 November 2020
Students, postgraduate students, lecturers and staff of the faculty FPSC of SumDU actively support the tradition of writing All-Ukrainian radio dictation of national unity.

Day of Ukrainian Language and Writing: we live as we behave…

08 November 2020
Every year on November 9th the Day of Ukrainian Language and Writing is celebrated in Ukraine. It is a special holiday for the faculty FPSC, because here are taught the disciplines for improving skills in the Ukrainian language.

The students of the faculty FPSC are winners of the “The Best SumDU student” contest

06 November 2020
The students of the faculty FPSC Daiana Tarasiuk and Sofiia Malus (specialty “Psychology”) have got two victories in the “The Best SumDU student” contest categories.

Golden autumn of Faculty FPSC

31 October 2020
The new academic year for the faculty FPSC of SumDU has begun with a number of significant events, which can literally be called golden in educational unit activity.

“When you believe in yourself, the whole world will do the same…”

26 October 2020
The Head of Sumy Regional State Administration awarded the student of the Faculty FPSC, Specialty Management of Socio-Cultural Activity of SumDU, Alona Pavlenko a personal scholarship for the 2020/2021 academic year.

The triumphal "art video" from the video bloggers of the faculty FPSC

19 October 2020
Representatives of the faculty FPSC of SumDU have won the motivational video contest of the International Republican Institute (IRI) "Why Do We Vote", organized with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

"It is worth doing a favorite thing in order to achieve the goal"

17 October 2020
The student of the Faculty FPSC of SumDU Anna Soldatenko (specialty "Psychology") has received a personal scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for 2020/21 academic year, which is assigned to students who have particular achievements in educational and research work.

The Faculty of Foreign Philology and Social Communications congratulates everyone on the Defender of Ukraine Day

13 October 2020
It is the fifth year in a row that October 14th the Defender of Ukraine Day is celebrated along with other significant events. This day was not chosen by chance - there is a historical Cossack tradition of honoring Ukrainian troops on the Feast of the feast of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. Besides, this day is officially considered the date of Ukrainian Insurgent Army foundation.

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